The BeeWare Project wants to make it possible for all Python developers to write native apps for desktop and mobile platforms. We have solid support for most desktop operating systems and iOS, but we know our Android support is lacking. The BeeWare core team knows what needs to be done to address the problem - what we’ve been missing are time and resources.

Thanks to the PSF Education Grants group, that’s no longer an issue. We’ve been awarded a US$50,000 grant to bring BeeWare’s Android support to a level comparable with our iOS support. We currently don’t have the time to do the work ourselves, so we’re calling for contractors to help us deliver this support.

This is a paid contract, which we anticipate lasting 3-6 months (depending on the experience of the winning contractor). You don’t have to be based in the US or Europe, either; the opportunity is open to anyone who can meet the requirements of the contract.

Unfortunately, the task calls for some sophisticated skills, and we’re not in a position to provide extensive mentoring. A successful bid is likely to require some prior experience, and a history with the technologies involved.

A full role description and scope of work for the contract is available. To register your interest, please forward your resume and cover email to

We look forward to being able to announce full Android support in the near future!