Cricket is a graphical tool that helps projects with large test suites identify failures without waiting for all your tests to finish.

Normal unittest test runners dump all output to the console, and provide very little detail while the suite is running. As a result:

  • You can't start looking at failures until the test suite has completed running,
  • It isn't a very accessible format for identifying patterns in test failures,
  • It can be hard (or cumbersome) to re-run any tests that have failed.

Como ajudar

Needs to be ported to Toga

Então, por que é chamado "Cricket"?

Test Cricket is the most prestigious version of the game of cricket. Games last for up to 5 days... just like running some test suites. The usual approach for making cricket watchable is a generous dose of beer; in programming, Balmer Peak limits come into effect, so something else is required...

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In Development
macOS, Linux (GTK+), Windows