Ten projekt jest sklasyfikowany jako archiwalny. Nie jest już aktywnie obsługiwany

Sometimes you will find a great algorithm, but find that the only implementation of that algorithm is written in C or C++. In some cases it might be possible to wrap that C/C++ code in a Python C module. However, if a C module is not an option, you need to be able to convert the C/C++ implementation into a Pure Python implementation.

SeaSnake was written to automate the conversion of WebKit sources into a version that could be used by Colosseum.

This project was an experiment; it has been abandoned.

Dlaczego więc nazywa się to "Seasnake"?

Seasnake converts C (sea) to Python (snake).

Typ projektu:
Wczesny rozwój
Python, C++
Niezależny od platformy