May has been another month of steady progress - mostly on widget testing, but also in some other key areas of the project.

What we've done

What's next?

June will be another month with a focus on GUI test coverage. We're still hoping that this work will be complete by the end of June - we're averaging 1-2 widgets a week, and we have 8 widgets remaining; however, every widget is throwing up unique challenges (and revealing deep bugs - sometimes in the underlying GUI frameworks), so it's possible the audit work may need to continue into July.

Want to get involved?

Want to get involved? Here are some open issues that would be a great place to get started with contributing to a BeeWare project. They're all relatively minor changes, but would provide a big improvement to the lives of BeeWare users:

  1. Filter out a message generated after Xcode updates
  2. Add the ability to configure the ABIs built by an Android project
  3. Add support for the ANDROID_HOME environment variable
  4. Rationalise the application of adhoc signing on macOS
  5. Detect a failure when trying to install on an Android device that is too old
  6. Use the on-device clock to filter Android device logs
  7. Add an APK packaging target for Android
  8. Provide an option to override app settings from the command line

Pick one of these tickets, drop a comment on the ticket to let others know you're looking at it, and try your hand at a PR! We have a guide on setting up a Briefcase development environment; but if you need any additional assistance or guidance, you can ask on the ticket, or join us on the BeeWare Discord server.