BeeWare is now hiring!

The position is a full time, Mid- to Senior position. You will be working full time in the Open Source group at Anaconda, on the BeeWare suite of tools. Full details of the position can be found on Greenhouse.

The position calls for an unusual combination of skills. The ideal candidate would have experience building GUI applications (especially mobile) and Python skills. However, because of the existing state of the Python ecosystem, most Python developers don't have GUI development experience, and most GUI developers don't have extensive Python experience. For that reason, if the position is interesting to you, but you don't have all the "must have" attributes - I would encourage you to apply anyway. A candidate with no GUI development experience will still considered, as long as they've got a demonstrated history of doing weird and wonderful things with Python. Similarly, a developer with deep GUI experience, but no Python experience, will also be considered.

The job location requirements are also unusual. The position is remote; the position requires that your working hours need to be compatible with UTC+8. This means candidates from Australia, South East and South Asia will be a natural fit. European candidates will need to be prepared for early morning starts. US/Canadian candidates will need to be prepared for evening work (very late evenings if you're in CST or EST timezones). Anaconda has the capacity to hire in the UK, Germany, India, Australia, US, and Canada. If you're not a resident of one of those countries, it may be possible to hire you, but it will likely require you to operate as a private contractor rather than a salaried employee.

I'm incredibly excited for what the future holds for BeeWare - if you'd like to come on this journey with me, please apply (and tell them Russell sent you)!