BeeWare wouldn't have been possible without the financial and in-kind support of the following companies and individuals. The entire BeeWare community thanks them for their support. Why not become a member of the BeeWare project yourself?

AdHoc Members


OtoJig is a medical device start-up from Germany, developing a minimally-invasive cochlear implantation system, and making deaf people hear should only be a minor surgery, affordable and available to all hospitals. Our revolutionary planning software is written in Swift and Python to run on the iPad and that is why we share and support the goals of the amazing BeeWare Project.

Otojig provided funding for Apple Silicon hardware that will be used to develop and maintain macOS support.

Butterfly Network

Butterfly Network is an innovative digital health company whose mission is to enable universal access to superior medical imaging, making high quality ultrasound affordable, easy to use, globally accessible and intelligently connected. Butterfly iQ is the only transducer using semiconductor technology that can perform “whole-body imaging” using a single handheld probe. Connected to a mobile phone or tablet, it is powered by Butterfly’s proprietary Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology and harnesses the advantages of AI to deliver advanced imaging that improves patient outcomes and lowers cost of care around the world.

Butterfly Network sponsored the development of the Python 3.9 update for iOS and Android.

Professional Members

  • Nick CoghlanNick Coghlan
  • Katie McLaughlinKatie McLaughlin
  • Dan YeawDan Yeaw
  • Lincoln LoopLincoln Loop
  • Al SweigartAl Sweigart

Individual Members

  • Jeff Triplett
  • Brenda Moon
  • Josh Simmons
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Sam Kitajima-Kimbrel
  • Joel Addison
  • Derek Payton
  • Timothy Bell
  • wesbroadway@******.com
  • David A Baumgold
  • Trey M Hunner
  • Raphael Michel
  • Tracy Osborn
  • nick@******.com
  • Matthias Kestenholz
  • Daniel Lindsley
  • Alan Rubin
  • Nic Crouch
  • Adrienne Lowe
  • Lars Rinn
  • Ben Allen
  • andrewfselzer@******.com
  • Parbhat Puri
  • Holger Trahe
  • tracy@******.com
  • Gerad Blais
  • Ronald Hayden
  • Nahuel Defosse
  • Stefan.Lauterwasser@******.com
  • grohe43@******.com
  • bluejeansummer@******.com
  • riabroy@******.com
  • checobiki@******.com
  • greg.wendel@******.com
  • ericfroemling@******.com