Python has proven itself as a highly capable language - approachable for newcomers, but powerful in the hands of experts. The BeeWare Project aims to take the power of Python as a language, and use it to enable users of all skill levels to develop applications with native user interfaces.

The end goal of the BeeWare project: To be able to do for mobile and desktop user-facing software the same thing that Django has done for web software - to put into the hands of users a set of tools and libraries that enables them to develop rich, native user interfaces, and deploy them to their devices. This includes:

  • Tools to enable Python to run on different devices,
  • Tools to package a Python project so it can run on those devices,
  • Libraries to access the native widgets and capabilities of devices,
  • Tools to help develop, debug, analyze and deploy these projects.

The aim is that this set of tools will be easy enough to use for complete newcomers to use in a Django Girls-like setting; but powerful enough that they could be used to drive the next Instagram, Pinterest or Disqus.

We're not just about software, though. We also aim to be a project with a social conscience. We aim to develop and maintain a diverse and inclusive community, and we have a Code of Conduct that is rigorously enforced. We also aspire to develop a healthy and sustainable community - one that is aware of mental health issues of its participants, and provides the resources for people to start engaging, and continue to engage with the community.

Where to from here?

If you'd like to know more about the history of BeeWare, start here.

If you'd like to take BeeWare for a test drive, take a look at the the various ways BeeWare tools can be used.

If you'd like to keep up to date with what we're doing, follow on Mastodon. If you'd like to receive updates, hints, tips and announcements about the BeeWare project, sign up for the Beeware Enthusiasts mailing list.