There are many ways to help with BeeWare.

First-time Contributors

If you're new to the project (or even entirely new to open source in general), the best place to start is here. Everyone can contribute to open source, and we're here to show you how.

Code Contributions

Your code contributions are welcome! Please familiarize yourself with our Development Process.

If you're looking for something to work on, and don't know where your effort would be welcome, try looking at the ticket tracker for a project of interest. There will usually be a couple of tickets with known problems; any ticket is a candidate for being fixed.

If you're a first time contributor, some tickets are also tagged as [good first issue]. These are special issues that have been selected because they're relatively simple introductions to the project, and the BeeWare team will mentor any first time contributor in committing a patch for one of these issues.

Platform Usage

Do you use Windows or various flavours of Linux? Are you able to install a project or application on your system? Did you run into any problems?

If so, please update the documentation to show how you were able to get it to work, or log an issue if you've found a bug that you can't fix.


Is the documentation up to date? Do you think things could be worded differently? Are there missing sections? Do you have an idea for a tutorial that could be written? Please submit a pull request!

Is there anything wrong or missing from this website? Please feel free to make edits and submit a pull request!

Help translate and update this Website

Do you speak a language other than English, and would like to help others have better access to BeeWare documentation? Visit the translations section to learn how you can contribute translations of BeeWare documentation.

Build a real application!

Ultimately BeeWare is a set of tools for building applications. One of the best ways to evaluate our progress is to see people build real-world applications with the BeeWare tools. So if you've got an idea for an application you've always wanted or needed - try to build it!

In the process of building that application, you'll likely find bugs, missing features, or friction in the development process. Those problems can then be turned into bug reports or patches.

Something else

If you've got your own idea for something, or if you don't see any tickets, or you want to be mentored on a ticket, or you aren't sure how to proceed, contact the project maintainers on Mastodon or Discord. The project maintainers love collaborating, especially with new contributors, and will gladly answer any questions or walk you through any problems you may encounter.